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Walsall says goodbye to the last Metrobus
27 Nov 2009

The oldest serving Metrobus in the West Midlands will make its final passenger journey this week before heading for a well deserved retirement.

National Express West Midlands it replacing it’s famous fleet of Metrobuses with a new generation of easy access, energy efficient vehicles to help make travel more accessible and environmentally friendly.

After 24 years, 1.5 million miles and millions of passenger journeys Walsall’s last Metrobus will make its final passenger journey on Saturday 28 November at 18:10pm from Walsall bus station.

Walsall’s last Metrobus started its working life back in 1985 carrying passengers on routes 51 and 529 between Walsall, Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Since then it has worked on most of the Walsall bus routes helping millions of passengers travel to work, visit friends, go shopping and reach school. Its final service will be on route 341 to Willenhall.

Nick Newcombe, Area Manager for Walsall, said:

"Metrobuses have been the backbone of the Midlands bus industry for over 20 years and have carried millions of passengers across the region. We will be sad to say goodbye to them but welcome the benefits of modern buses which provide low floor, easy access travel for passengers and help reduce carbon emissions across the region. Our oldest serving Metrobus will make its final journey on Saturday before embarking on a well deserved retirement."

Metrobuses were famed for being the Midlands equivalent of the iconic London Routemaster. They were manufactured in Washwood Heath by Metro Cammell Weymann from 1977 to 1989 and were renowned for being easy to drive and reliable. At the height of their popularity over 1,100 Metrobuses carried millions of passengers across the West Midlands.

Facts about the West Midlands oldest serving Metrobus – fleet number 2887

  • It has travelled in excess of 1.5 million miles during it’s working life – this would take you to the moon seven times.
  • An average of 24 drivers will operate the vehicles per week – that’s over 30,000 during its lifetime.
  •  At 24 years old it is the oldest serving Metrobus remaining in National Express West Midland’s fleet.